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It all started with Amy Winehouse. Becoming and author, writing books began with Amy.
Saving Amy is the flagship of books for Daphne Barak, the author.
Other books are: My Benazir, Mama Sarah Obama: Our Roots and Dreams, America's Son: JFK Jr. There is also a cooking book. They are published in many languages.

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Tom Barrack, Daphne Barak and HR McMaster together at the Trump Int'l in DC, exchanging copies of "Derelection of Duty" and "Saving Amy"

NSA HR McMaster and Daphne Barak exchanged their books, “Derelection of Duty” and “Saving Amy.” Tom Barrack shared the moment with them at Trump International Hotel in Wash DC.

“Derelection of Duty” and “Saving Amy” have one thing in common

Derelection of Duty,” NSA HR McMaster’s only book spells out the “lies that led to the Vietnam..” “Saving Amy,” Daphne Barak’s first book, depicting a fallacy – how family members were lying to one another as if they were really trying to ‘save Amy’ – Winehouse.

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SAVING AMYSaving-amy  Daphne Barak’s first book, published in many languages.

This is not a bio of Amy Winehouse. This book documents a very troubled family where no one set of relationship is normal. The family members are screaming that they are “Saving Amy.” In fact, that is their way to escape their own big problems. It is very clear from the book, that the big problem of Amy Winehouse was not her addiction. It was her way to deal with her very dysfunctional family. The book demonstrates it clearly – how Amy was crying for help. BUY NOW

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My BenazirMy Benazir by Daphne Barak by Daphne Barak tells the unknown personal journey of Benazir Bhutto, former, two time, first woman prime minister of one of the most populated Muslim countries in the world, during her turmoiling last two years of her life. It is a tale of a unique friendship between Benazir Bhutto and her husband – the current President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, and Daphne Barak, leading like a magnet to the inevitable tragic end. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on December 27th, 2007. BUY NOW

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MAMA SARAH OBAMA: Our Dreams & Roots213x266 (BOOK) (5) This book is not only the autobiography of Granny Obama and her family. It is not only about her setting the record straight about her famous grandson, his late father and her family: It is a story about a woman in Africa, who wanted to have education, but was not allowed to. She did not give up her big dream, and pushed her children to get education. One of them was especially bright – Barack Obama Sr. with who she shared the big ambition, the dream. He climbed over so many obstacles. His achievements were extraordinary, but so were his demons …It would be his son, Sarah’s grandson, who would complete the dream. BUY NOW

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