Daphne Barak with Kid Rock, filming the last portion of The Kid from Detroit

Kid Rock is “The Kid From Detroit.” Sheryl Crow and Mitt Romney are also part of the documentary.

The Kid From Detroit is for God, Country and Family.

Sheril Crow makes the same point in “The Kid From Detroit.” She says that Kid is a good father.

Mitt Romney, long time politician, once a Republican presidential candidate, calls him Bobby, his real name and how genuine he is.

An ICONS in their own words documentary filmed with Andrea Bocelli and his family. It depicts an inspirational story of an Italian legend.

Maestro at Home is a happy man
Daphne Barak and Andrea Bocelli filming for the ICONS series in Miami Florida

Andrea Bocelli says in his documentary, Maestro at Home, that he is a lucky man and happiness is the main goal. Bocelli makes this comment when Daphne brings up the fact that his mother did not do abortion when doctors urged her. Bocelli lost his eyesight eventually when he was in his teens.

Last documentary filmed with Shimon Peres. It includes Robert DeNiro, Kathleen Turner, Dr. Henry Kissinger. From Bill Clinton to the Queen of England varying global names also make appearance. It is narrated by Shimon Peres himself, telling his life story in politics.

Citizen Shimon is history of modern Israel

It starts with David Ben-Gourion, one of the primary founders of the state of Israel and its first prime minister.  Peres as his right hand man as a young politician details the challenges they faced in creating the Jewish state.

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President Donald Trump's son Eric Trump
Eric Trump: third child of the 45th president of the US, Donald Trump and Ivana Trump

A day in a life with Eric Trump and his charity: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Eric Trump: Second son of the 45th President of the US Donald J. Trump

Eric Trump is a philanthropist. As per NY Times report in 2017, “The St. Jude letter said that since its establishment, the Eric Trump Foundation had raised — or helped raise through affiliated groups — $16.3 million for the hospital, which offers free care to needy children.”

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Daphne Barak exclusive with HR McMaster
Daphne Barak conducts an exclusive interview with National Security Advisor General HR McMaster in Wash DC

Daphne Barak conducts an exclusive sit-down with NSA HR McMaster in Wash DC.

HR McMaster talks about N. Korea, Iran, Brexit and Turkey

HR Mc Master gives a candid interview to Daphne Barak, in an exclusive that spells out foreign policy objectives of the Trump Administration.

The exclusive is published in the leading Daphne Barak print outlets around the world in various languages. In Turkey, it is in SOZCU. Click here for the English – Express, and Asharq Al-Awsat.

Published in Turkish,  in the leading Turkish daily SOZCU


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