Our Son: Michael Jackson is one of the most famous Daphne Barak documentary. It was filmed during the 2004-2005 trials of the music legend. It featured exclusive sit-down interviews with the Jacksons. Joe and Katherine made their plea to the public opinion on behalf of their son.

Our Son: Michael Jackson reached a billion viewers

Our Son: Michael Jackson aired exclusively on ABC 20/20 prime time show and 53 countries in the ensuing few days. What is remarkable about this exclusive is the fact that it was filmed, produced and distributed within 48 hours after Michael Jackson was indicted. It was produced by Daphne Barak and Elisabeth Murdoch.

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Daphne Barak is an author, executive producer of television specials, and documentary film-maker. Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli, Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Kennedys, Trumps have all been very close to her throughout her career. Most as her close friends. There are more than 300 exclusives in her library, many of them legends in their own right. Robert DeNiro, Shimon Peres, Kid Rock, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Antonio Banderas, Sheryl Crow, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones..