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Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan Available on Amazon

Muslim migration will soon change Western civilization as we know it—unless Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan work together.


The US, as the sole Christian and Western power, down to the third slot from the top, is being squeezed out by China and India, the number one and two economies in the world, and challenged by two upcoming Muslim countries, Indonesia and Turkey, from the other end.

All the while, Germany, the UK, and France are struggling to hold on to the bottom of the barrel in the top ten list, being of no help to the US during this onslaught.

No, it is not a horror movie. It is about to become reality. And as early as within a decade!

Unless Erdoğan and Trump can eliminate soft bellies in the Middle East and Europe, setting the stage for the US to establish balance of power against the rapidly rising East.


The first book by Erbil Gunasti, Trump Card chapter, contributed by Daphne Barak. Gunasti also edited Daphne Barak’s book below previously

The Story of Rick Gates and the Mueller Investigation

Fifth book by Daphne Barak
Available on Amazon Released October 29, 2019

The Story of Rick Gates and the Mueller Investigation

A book starting with “No Russian Collusion” statement, telling the role of Rick Gates before, during and after 2016 presidential elections when he was next to now 45th president of the United States of America Donald J. Trump. Gates was number two, running the election campaign and after that presidential ceremonies next to Trump.

The only person that knows everything that transpired since 2016 until the investigation began that put Paul Manifort to jail: The testimony of Rick Gates during the Mueller Investigation was instrumental.

Eric Trump and Daphne Barak during interview. It was to garner more support, unlike now some are punishing St Jude. Daphne signed her book Saving Amy to Eric.

Punishing St Jude is not fair.

Eric Trump was forced to announce that he would cease fund-raising for his charity, which has given so much for children with cancer ..

Sad, as he said ..

BUT .. Also confusing.

I was invited by Eric’s mother, Ivana, to witness what her youngest son (with Donald) was doing for helping children with cancer. She was proud! AND – she has every reason to be!!!

I have been friends with the family since I was the “Fox  Interviewer” when I was in my 20s .. I was based in NY.

But years later, when Ivana mentioned “Children for Cancer” – I really wanted to witness what Eric was doing ..

***   ***   **

It is in the public records, that Cherie Blair convinced me to host a charity for children with cancer, with her in London. I have always considered London as, “MY Other Home” (beside our places in the US) .. So I agreed.

Cherie was then the wife of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.  I was happy to sponsor and host the evening, inviting wealthy friends and media owners, editors. It was a private evening! Yet – I wanted the word about the need of families with children battling cancer – would go out ..

We invited couple of children, determined to win (over cancer) and their families ..

Cherie Blair and Daphne Barak holding a charity for cancer in London

The reception at the penthouse could not be more emotional! Cherie Blair – encouraged by me, made peace with some media editor guests who had been publishing articles which she frankly hated .. They were extending a hand too .. Same goes for donors ..

At this special evening – we all focused on the children (and their families!) in need ..

Everyone from Cherie to the donors, media editors sent to Bill and I, excited “Thank YOU” notes afterwards.

For me – a note from 2 of the children, telling me, they felt so many people routing for them was worth all my efforts and donations .. That is in a country, where I don’t live ..

Yet – cancer has no borders ..

***   ***  ***

Punishing St Jude for political reasons does not make sense

Back to Eric ..

While the media was raving about our evening, and Cherie’s commitment ..

NO! Nobody suggested, that people gave money to children with cancer, in order to get access to her husband ..

Let us be realistic: If one gives lots of money to a political candidate – he or she will have a direct access to power (local? Or – federal?).

That is the way, our system works ..

So if wealthy people wanted access to Donald Trump – they could have donated to his campaign  directly (or through RNC) ..

They did not have to go around the bush, and donate to one of his children’s charities ..


This is the way, our democratic system works ..

Nothing is perfect ..

Unless one crosses the line – Nothing is wrong.

***   ***  ***

Eric Trump has been fundraising for St. Jude hospital for years. He has done it from all his heart! He told me ..

Now – I have been fortunate to be friends with head of states, royals, Hollywood A Listers ..

I observe .. I know who does charity for the sake of saying, “I am charitable ..”

I know who is for real ..

Eric is the real-deal.

He is passionate .. He brought funds in.

He asked me to bring couple of famous names for the auction. I was bought in a minute ..

He was working on it ..

His father, mother and siblings were sitting with us ..We got so emotional  .. He made me jump on the stage, joining his family and several celebrities and pledge for more ..

Huge excitement, to give to the C word ..That word, everybody is so scared off ..

And now – he would not be able to raise money for this much needed charity ..


Because the country is SO  divided ..

***   ***  **

I know the Clintons, and I hosted for them fundraisers ..

I am sure, the Clinton Foundation (which I had given money to) has been doing important things ..

Yet – there is a big difference between a ruler of a country, giving millions to the foundation, and getting a precious  meeting with the secretary of state, trying to change the US policy ..

AND .. And – getting a social access to the Trump family ..

KEEP IT IN MIND: THE $50,000 (coffee with Ivanka) – would have helped children with cancer!

* No idea about the new charity, that Eric and Donnie were attached to .. I understand, it was without their knowledge ..


So the question is, why are they punishing St. Jude?