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Since 2021, Daily Mail: Winehouse Biopic seemed to be the name of the game. However, irrespective of headline, Saving Amy will not be a biopic.

22 December 2021

Daily Mail: Winehouse Biopic

Daphne penned the article then and the headline was the following.

“Why I believe I know the truth about tragic Amy Winehouse.”

Article further highlited that “DAPHNE BARAK reveals new biopic.”

It also claimed that it will give answers about drink and drug addictions.

After all, Daphne spent time with singer’s family before her death.

Well, click to the article to read the rest to get the whole picture. 

Since this is a February 2023 post, look here for new udpate on this release.

Soon it will be revealed exactly what it has become ever since this article.

It is lot more than a biopic. In fact it is not a biopic in the first place.

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