Derelection of Duty

Derelection of Duty

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Tom Barrack, Daphne Barak and HR McMaster together at the Trump Int'l in DC, exchanging copies of "Derelection of Duty" and "Saving Amy"

NSA HR McMaster and Daphne Barak exchanged their books, “Derelection of Duty” and “Saving Amy.”┬áTom Barrack shared the moment with them at Trump International Hotel in Wash DC.

“Derelection of Duty” and “Saving Amy” have one thing in common

Derelection of Duty,” NSA HR McMaster’s only book spells out the “lies that led to the Vietnam..” “Saving Amy,” Daphne Barak’s first book, depicting a fallacy – how family members were lying to one another as if they were really trying to ‘save Amy’ – Winehouse.



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